Our company

In Rio Grande we cultivate our passion for manufacturing cowboy boots, that is why we take our design and quality to the highest level. Since 1942 we have been and continue to be the leaders of the cowboy boot in Mexico.

We are also aware that your boots are more than footwear, they represent your identity, and are your best work tool, that is why at Rio Grande we strive to innovate in each of our soles and insoles, to give you that feeling of comfort and confidence by putting on a good pair of our boots.

Made proudly in León, Gto. Mexico, prestigious brands such as Lucchese and Frye support us by choosing our factory to manufacture their boots since we almost have 80 years of experience making boots and shoes.

Our team


We want to provide you with the best care and service when buying your boots directly in our online stores, for this reason we are committed to:

  • Send you a new pair directly from the factory!
  • 100% Fast and Safe Shipping.
  • Safe Purchase (with data protection guarantee).
  • 12 months warranty for manufacturing defects .
  • Total satisfaction experience when you contact one of our representatives.
  • 30 days for "FREE RETURNS" on orders


Excellent purchase,got it in my mail way really fast and after close inspection, I cam firmly say that their boots have unmatched quality


Very good product. I can see that the quality material are indeed 100% leather and very comfortable

JR825172 - 08/03/21

Excellent boots, I recommend them. They are a beauty

Mendz038512 -01/02/21